2010 - 10 Years of Music Ministry - 2020

Ministry of Music provides quality  Christian artists for Christian events.   Our artists can perform music, lead worship, provide training and give a Christian message.


We can provide singers, bands, worship leaders and technical services to ensure your outreach event, youth event, school mission, worship service, café church, festival, conference or training workshop/seminar is a success.


The artists working with Ministry of Music are available across the whole UK.  To date Ministry of Music has facilitated over 600 Christian events!


Ministry of Music has a wealth of experience in music and events and will offer you impartial advice to make sure your requirements are best met. 

‘I often feel that the Church has so many assets, but sadly those assets are frozen and the wider church is unaware of them. I am delighted that Ministry of Music exists to resource the church with Christian Bands and Artists for their worship and outreach. Seize the wider assets for your church and community.’'  J.John (Canon)

If you would like to book a Ministry of Music artist, or require any additional info, please contact us so we can help equip your event with quality music.

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