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Rev21 is a London based collective that fuses jazz and gospel with elements of funk in a unique blend that brings together both composition and spontaneity. Formed in 2021 and inspired by the 21st chapter of the biblical book of Revelation - all about the new creation - the music is infused with a message of hope. 

Fresh from recording their debut album, Rev21's repertoire consists largely of original material and reimagined gospel songs. Blurring the lines between instrumental and vocal music, Rev21’s sets bring variety, colour and always a party!

Rev21 can perform or lead worship at a wide range of events.  They can also work in schools or prisons.

"Rev21 played a night at our church and our meeting space was packed! Incredible music and atmosphere!"  St Crispin's, Highbury and Islington

Rev21 - Rejoice (Guildhall Sessions)

Rev21 - Rejoice (Guildhall Sessions)

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