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Originally a member in the secular punk band Senseless, receiving positive reviews from Kerrang! and Rock Sound along the way, Peter Field found a new song to sing in 2005 when he became a Christian. 

Dedicating his life to sharing the Gospel through the Punk sub-culture, he founded Ambassadors Of Shalom, a Christian band who signed to California-based Thumper Punk Records in 2012.

In 2014, focusing his efforts on his solo project, Peter118 released “Radio”, an extremely catchy pop-punk track, which made waves not only in the UK, but also in Japan and the US. Peter118 released 'Make It or Break It' in 2015. 

With new members Janine and Sam.  Peter118  took their powerful message to the world. 2017 was an exciting year for the band with the release of 'In Stereo' with No Lost Cause from the US, receiving regular airplay from the likes of Kerrang! Radio in the UK and famous DJ Rodney Bingenheimer in the US. 2018 saw Peter118 impact the Uk Pop Punk scene playing Slam Dunk Festival and receiving further airplay on Kerrang radio! and Total Rock.

Peter118 has a track record of playing shows where the Church can't reach, and they don't look like stopping anytime soon.  They can perform at all types of events, lead worship and also take workshops covering worship and songwriting.

"Peter118 are a punk band who, against all the odds, have built up a following in the UK, USA and even Japan. This compilation represents the best of their output so far including their so-catchy 'Radio'. What is impressive about Peter118's vocals is they never descend into shouty unmusicality and similarly the playing from Peter118 is always tight with good production values"... extract from 9/10 review of ‘Anthology & Live in LA’ by Cross Rhythms.

Peter118   'Money & Lies' Official Music Video

Peter118 'Money & Lies' Official Music Video

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