Paul Rushton

Paul is a singer-songwriter with a heart for those serving time in our nation’s prisons. About six years ago he set up Seeds in the Earth, a project for which he assembled a team of professional Christian musicians to play his original music in prisons.


The songs Paul writes are from the heart and grounded in real life experiences, both the “good” and the “bad” ones, which makes them very relatable for everyone. He writes in all sorts of styles, from ballads to reggae to rock to blues, so audiences are treated to plenty of variety in his shows. With a gift for the stage and disarming candour his performances are both entertaining and nourishing.


He plays as a solo artist, in a duo and as a four-piece band, depending on the needs of his clients; he also offers acoustic “unplugged” sets for smaller and quieter venues.

“I have always been impressed with Paul Rushton's song-writing abilities, since we worked together on a project several decades ago. He has very clear melodic gift and a way with strong and original lyrics that have a clear uplifting message that manages to avoid being cloying or insincere. In subsequent years I have heard many of his original songs and always been impressed, and more, moved by them.”  Michael Dooley - Composer, Songwriter, Producer. Pianist.