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Out Of The Ashes

Out of the Ashes is the creation of a pioneering husband and wife team from Gloucestershire – Penny Lyon and Kevin Washburn. You can either see them performing as a duo, or, for bigger venues, they may have anything up to a nine piece band accompanying them. They play their own Christian 'witness' songs which are mostly Jazz, Blues and R&B and also tell the stories behind the songs. 


Using music as part of their mission to stand for joy, healing and worth in the church, God has put it on their hearts to energise weary Christians and ailing congregations with a message of love, hope and renewed possibilities.


From local gigs and encouraging local Sunday church services, to blogging, radio and TV appearances, Out Of The Ashes comment on incisive topics that cut to the heart of the daily experience that most Christians face – bringing hope and energy that God has a plan for us all.

"...A generous and gifted ministry of music and worship for all ages - fresh in insight, full of musical and pastoral quality.  We recommend it highly to churches to enhance their worship and outreach."

Revd. Fenby, Priest in Charge, Lydney Parish Church