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Nicky Whyman

Nicky Whyman Christian singer songwriter with a powerful voice, leading you to the throneroom of God.  Since committing her life to God in 1999, Nicky’s musical talent has been underpinned by the desire and ambition to inspire the lost and hurting with the love of Jesus. With her strong soprano voice and lyrical piano led songs she continues to walk out an incredible musical journey mapping out her heart’s desire to “follow in the footsteps of the Messiah” bringing songs of hope and encouragement to the audiences she attracts around the UK and in the US.  Nicky’s own personal testimony of being miraculously healed of Multiple Sclerosis further fuels her commitment and drive to inspire her audiences to gain the same hope in life.


Founded on the scripture Hebrews 4:16, her music passionately relays Christ's victory and her faith. Rather than songs about God, these are songs full of God - the mix of catchy melodies, sure vocals and focused lyrics sure to draw the listener into the atmosphere of the throneroom of God. Nicky has released three excellent EPs: her debut ‘My Beloved Calls’ (2012), ‘Like an Eagle’ (2015) and her latest 'Look up and See' (2018).

Nicky and her husband met whilst volunteering for organisations that serve the persecuted church. Close to Nicky’s heart, she continues to perform at churches to raise awareness and support.  Nicky and her husband worship at North Staffs Victory Church where she leads and teaches worship, performs at outreach events and overseas conferences.

Nicky can perform or lead worship at events of all sizes.

“…consisting of gentle piano and guitar melodies declaring heartfelt emotion for God's presence particularly in the title track and also in the intimate "The Fire In Your Eyes". Nicky's voice is strong and sure and the songs reflect her relationship with the one she loves "Most Of All".”

..... extract from Cross Rhythms Review of EP ‘Like An Eagle’

Nicky Whyman   Call To War

Nicky Whyman Call To War

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