Meiz is a Christian singer-songwriter from South Wales who seeks to convey the love of God through music.  He does this by performing concerts where he shares his songs, full of gospel truths and biblical messages, which resonate with people of all ages. From silly fun songs like 'Fridge Freezer' and 'Man Flu Blues' to songs that touch the heart with the love of God like 'Calling Us Home' and 'Your Grace' Meiz has something for everyone up his sleeve!


Meiz has a passion for sharing the gospel and seeing people come to know Jesus and whether that is through a talk or a song, he seeks to bring the gospel message at every opportunity. Meiz also has years of experience as a worship leader and writes original worship songs.


Meiz can perform or lead worship, either solo (keyboard & guitar) or with his band, at a wide range of events.

"When you hear Meiz, you know you have found the genuine article. Not only does he have a great voice but he is a songwriter of tremendous talent; he is fun and engages a professionalism that can only be admired... relating to all ages.  He writes songs that stay with you! He has a genuine heart after God; one that desires to impact lives and see the realness of who God is, relate to those he meets."  Emma Fentiman, Creative Producer, NGM