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Loulita Gill

Have you ever felt it was a 'now-or-never' moment to start something?  Back in 2017 Loulita felt ‘she had to do something with this.’ Even though she was a wife, mum and had led worship for years in church, she knew that there was still a part of her life that was missing. She had always dreamed of singing, writing, recording and releasing her songs. But you know how it is, as life goes on it can look like things will never happen. And so we give up on our dreams. That’s until the night Loulita emailed a friend who owns a production company and asked if she could come and sing him a couple of her songs. A week later she was in the studio and 6 months later Loulita released her debut album, The Last Twelve Years, followed by 7 singles. 


Loulita never anticipated the wonderful responses she would receive from people, or being featured on international Christian radio, and playing in different parts of the world. It pushed her to release a second album, Poured Out.  A “pouring out” of her gratitude to God in response to His unfailing love in her life.


Loulita is now working on a very special project for 2023 – the release of an EP. The songs dive deep into her healing journey. They are vulnerable, but also a powerful reminder that you can move forward with your life, no matter how difficult it gets.  As a complex trauma survivor, Loulita feels her calling is to now share hope with others. 


Please contact us if you would like Loulita to perform or lead worship at your event.

“'The Last Twelve Years' documents Lolita's journey in faith. The opener "Deliverer", highlights her radical transformation journey from depression to hope. 'Man On The Beach' describes feeling alone watching a man on the beach but all the time she reflects "he saw me", llustrating God's omnipresence. Loulita has a beautiful voice and demonstrates an outstanding talent."... Extract taken from 9/10 Cross Rhythms Review.

Grace and Mercy - Loulita Gill

Grace and Mercy - Loulita Gill

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