Jessie Dipper

Jessie Dipper is an upcoming alternative acoustic singer-songwriter, emerging from the UK, having just been on tour to Dubai, Australia and New Zealand.  This odd sock wearing soloist is equipped with an acoustic guitar and pedal board to enhance her naturally gravel contrasting with falsetto vocal tones.


Her songwriting speaks of her story, of transition from place to place, love and loss and redemption in it all. Her faith influences all she does and writes, in a down-to-earth way that simply says, there’s joy in the morning, even after the sorrow.


This coming year, she will be independently releasing her first album (after two previous EPs) which she hopes to tour the UK with, self-titled ‘Audience of One’ as she steps into this new season of influence and adventure as to what is next for this unsigned emerging artist.

Jessie is an accomplished artist and worship leader who would be suitable for a wide range of events including working in schools.

“...I'm not exaggerating here when I said she was beginning to cross the Mark Knofler line of rhythmic finger picking. This style is unbelievably rare in the modern climate... I'm excited to see how she branches off in the future, just because I think her style could work well with some very alternative and unusual themes...”  

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