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Jessie Dipper

Jessie works as a professional singer and songwriter in the mainstream music industry, based in London and Cardiff. She’s been in the industry for nearly 9 years, independently releasing and touring since the age of 16. As an artist she performs alongside her band and solo on her folk-grunge artist project. Most recently she toured the UK supporting Scouting For Girls following the release of her latest album ’Sticky Floors’. A passionate storyteller, Jessie showcases her folk roots with a rock flare through her dynamic lyricism and skilled musicianship with vocals and guitar.


She has had over a decade’s worth of experience as a sung worship leader in cross-cultural environments in difference countries at various events as well as is  a regular sung worship leader at her local church in Cardiff. As a musician and worshiper, she is a very versatile leader/ performer (depending on the situation) and is used to working on various levels of demand. An adaptable and professional singer, songwriter, performer and sung worship leader. 


Jessie also has notable experience in teaching and workshopping in songwriting, as well as speaking on the heart of worship and telling her own story of faith from a young age growing up overseas, and working in the mainstream world as a follower of Jesus.

Jessie is a versatile performer and sung worship leader who would be suitable for a wide range of events including working in schools.

“...I'm not exaggerating here when I said she was beginning to cross the Mark Knofler line of rhythmic finger picking. This style is unbelievably rare in the modern climate... I'm excited to see how she branches off in the future, just because I think her style could work well with some very alternative and unusual themes...”   String Buzz, Independent music reviews

Siesta | Jessie Dipper | NYC Sessions

Siesta | Jessie Dipper | NYC Sessions

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