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Hiddenman is determined to take his music to the streets and reach people with relevant messages to see their lives impacted in a positive way.  His clever blend of comedy and ability to get the crowd moving has created a new type of rap, yet he’s not willing to compromise his values and beliefs in his music. He is a rap artist with a vision that refuses to conform to the normal negative stereotypes associated with rap music who has taken it upon himself to inspire as many as his music can reach. Aside from rapping, Hiddenman has been a detached youth manager and is a fully qualified business and ICT teacher with over 14 years experience working in mainstream and alternative education schools.


In 2003 he set up Da vision, a community project based in south London that reached out to disadvantaged young people through activities such as workshops, school-based events, community performances and mentoring. Through this initiative they delivered numerous workshops and events in schools and the local community and mentored several young males, most of whom have turned out to be responsible citizens of society. They were featured in the Evening Standard and received a lot of press coverage for the preventive work they were doing against Knife Crime and Gangs. He was also featured in the South London Press as an unsung hero for the work he was doing through this initiative.


Hiddenman has performed at many events including Soul Survivor and New Wine. He travels up and down the country making visits to prisons, churches, youth groups and schools, challenging young people about what they allow to influence them and encouraging them to make better choices. He talks about his faith but also discusses other topics such as youth violence, knife crime, bullying, online safety etc.  Hiddenman can perform live, deliver workshops or a do a short talk and presentation.

'the Hiddenman has been a regular at the New Wine conference LSE previously leading our urban venue the VIBE and performing at our gig nights. Hiddenman brings a heart for seeing young people challenged and changed. His passion for Jesus will come across as he raps, performs and speaks'

Steve Morris - New Wine Youth.

Hiddenman Knife Crime Tour

Hiddenman Knife Crime Tour

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