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Emma Rosso

Emma Rosso is an upcoming singer songwriter with a Christian influence, based in Basingstoke. Emma aspires to release music that can be enjoyed by those of any or little faith, spreading the message of God’s love through her music. She is passionate to inspire and encourage others through personal stories and uplifting messages.


Emma is a self-published artist and her recent single ‘Found Me’ has had numerous plays on various radio stations including BBC Radio 2. Emma recently graduated from The Academy of Contemporary Music with a first class honours in Creative Artistry and Song writing. The course developed her skills as a songwriter, allowing her to individually produce and master her debut EP ‘Look How Big The World Is’.


In the coming year, Emma will be independently releasing a new EP called ‘Shining Lights and Rabbit Holes’ that explores themes of faith, love and struggling. Emma aims to constantly release new music whilst teaching singing and encouraging others to find a passion for music.


Emma is an accomplished artist and worship leader who would be suitable for a wide range of events.

“I’ve been following Emma’s developing repertoire of styles, voices and genres over the last few years and have been hugely impressed with her talent, both as an original singer-songwriter and with her ability to find new ways of interpreting the works of other contemporary artists. Her own voice is authentic and she tackles some deep and challenging subjects with honesty and poetry." Jon Morris

Half The World Away - LIVE

Half The World Away - LIVE

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