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ECHO are a 7-8 piece soul band with a heart for people, building bridges and reaching out to those outside the church.  They play a mix of Motown and soul but have given the words an Eternal Edge to become (sometimes quite beautiful) songs of worship and love to the Lord.  They have found this to cross cultural and religious boundaries - everyone likes a bit of a groove after all and ECHO always get them to their feet!


ECHO’s aim is to bring God’s Kingdom whenever they come to play and are busy doing just that, mostly out of church and to wherever there are people and have developed a wealth of experience to engage with different audiences and types of venue. 


ECHO are available to perform at a wide range of indoor or outdoor events including outreach, festivals, secular venues, conferences, parties etc. and have also developed a Coffee House set for quieter, more intimate events.  They can also lead worship in their own unique style.


ECHO released their second album, ‘Soul Proprietor’ mid 2017 having sold out of the initial pressing of their first album, Bought Not Souled.


Equally at home on a festival stage or coffee bar, at a Christian conference or a night club, these accomplished musicians and singers know how to build bridges.

"Guys you were amazing.....please come back next year and bring your album....we had so many requests at the merchandise tent for it....including me!"

Melanie Stamp (Kingstock Festival)



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