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Daughters of Davis

Daughters of Davis is a band started by two sisters, Adrienne & Fern. Together they began an adventure that would take them from busking the streets for dinner, to performing at the O2 Arena and beyond. The story started when they sold near everything but their clothes and an old guitar, quit their jobs and took to living life in a rusted campervan bought on Ebay... As events unfolded, and disasters and miracles took place, the girls kept home in their hearts, but took their lives to the edge. No longer could they live with the question "what if?"...they had to see for themselves.


With van packed for living, their travels took them around the UK on what seemed like a never-ending nomadic tour. All luxuries were out the window and food budget was slashed to 17p soup & economy porridge. Braving English winter weathers in their unheated van, the girls faced break-ins, break downs and new struggles everyday.  As much as they missed the comfort and security of home, they had embarked on a journey they could not turn back on. This band carry with them a story that includes random acts of kindness, miraculous healings and fearsome battles of will with sinister spiders... It is a story that will make you laugh as much as it will inspire.


Daughters of Davis write songs with messages for this generation and those that reflect their own innate struggles too, born from their faith and experience living in this society. The girls songwriting is relevant & moving with intricate counterpart harmonies all packed up in a high energy performance. Don’t miss this band, either as the acoustic powerhouse that is the sisters alone, or with their amazing band (Drummer, Anthony Bealing, Guitarist, Jon Kendall & Bassist, Kyle Barnes).  They can also work in schools, where they inspire children through their music and stories.


BBC Radio 2's Clare Balding

[Official Music Video] Bluescreen by Daughters of Davis

[Official Music Video] Bluescreen by Daughters of Davis

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