Crossfya use their music as a tool to inspire young people with a message of hope and positivity. They enable them to see their potential to be the change through a relationship with Jesus. Crossfya love putting on a great show at large events and keep themselves reachable by connecting with young people in more grassroots environments.


As artists Crossfya take their responsibility seriously to empower those who respond at events by inviting them to join the Faith Gang movement. They also have an app called iTruth®, that takes people on a journey to Discover Jesus / Follow Jesus / Share Jesus through short, cutting-edge films.


The band are a blend of DJs, rappers and singers from the UK. During their high-energy, live shows they mix Future House, Trap, and Dance music. They have performed across Europe to over 250,000 people, and seen many encounter Jesus as a result.

Crossfya are also very experienced at schools work, having visited over 100 schools over the last 10 years. They have developed a presentation that is guaranteed to inspire and encourage young people to think positively about themselves and ask deeper questions.


The charity they come under is called Make Jesus Known and their heart is to make Him known through their music.

“Crossfya provide an exhilarating performance that engages and enthuses pupils and effectively draws them into serious lessons regarding values" Matthew Millburn - Head Teacher