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Caught In The Past

Caught in the Past are a four-piece band featuring Christians who have a different response to Evangelism!


Firstly, they do not play any Christian songs, instead they play a mix of covers from the 60's to present. Expect hits such as Rockin All Over The World, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and Ain’t Nobody.   Their mission and vision is simple, they believe they can play a mix of well known, mainstream songs to allow the church to invite non-believers into a party environment, concert or dinner dance where they will feel comfortable with "everyday" music of a very high quality. They can give the perfect launch to an Alpha or Christianity Explored event.


However, Lee and Lydia will speak to the audience on how Jesus has changed their lives and they are also happy to be interviewed. They have a particular calling into mental health, having both suffered with anxiety and panic disorder.  Lee’s previous employment was Head of Missions for Scripture Union and Director of Ministry for Billy Graham, so if you need a preach within the set this can also be included.

This channel is coming soon!
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