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Casey Adam

Casey Adam is a Christian singer-songwriter and worship leader based in Hull. The 2017 Star Search winner of Hull has found himself singing in a variety of different countries, churches, stadiums, city halls and even pubs. This has helped him master his own sound whilst gaining wisdom and knowledge on how to use his songs to affect and inspire people.

Casey found his love for music in his teens whilst living in Honduras where his family served as Missionaries building an orphanage for children affected and infected with the HIV virus.  A few years later Casey was offered internship programmes at churches in the USA and UK.  Casey jumped at both opportunities which allowed him to gain experience and build on the gifts that God has given him, equipping him to lead worship in a professional and Spirit filled way. 


There has been many pray and prophecy over Casey, one being Pastor Jon Norman from Hillsong who prophesied: “Casey, you will be one of the great songwriters of our century, your songs will change the way the church worships all over the world”. After having these prayers and prophetic words spoken over him, Casey took his first steps to follow God’s call on his life. In October 2019 Casey showcased his music by touring churches around the UK. During the tour he witnessed healing, new prophesies, hearts being stirred, thoughts changed and most excitingly lives being given to Jesus. This encouraged Casey so much that he released 5 new songs to see what else God can do through them.


Casey is a very versatile artist who can lead worship at church gatherings or perform original songs and well-known covers at outreach events.

“You’d swear this was a major artist release, if you didn’t know better. If this is a taste of things to come, then Casey Adam is a name to watch out for in the world of Christian music.”  

10/10 Geoff Howlett - Never for Nothing.