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Amy Faith Morley

Amy Faith Morley is an independent British singer-songwriter of contemporary country/folk style music.  Amy is passionate to share her Christian faith, through her uplifting songs and personal testimony.  She also has a desire to uplift and encourage the church in Mission and understanding the wider picture of 'The Kingdom'.  It is evident that wherever Amy plays, people are not only inspired by her warm, comforting vocals but also encouraged by her testimony from a life of brokenness, fear and Identity-struggles, to finding faith, healing and ongoing freedom. Her uplifting debut album ‘Morning Star’ was released in 2014, followed by a tour ‘The Journey’ where she travelled from place to place with her acoustic guitar and a vintage suitcase filled with message-in-a-bottle style postcards which she gave out to her listeners!   This included churches, cafes, bars, homeless soup kitchens, youth groups and elderly nursing homes.


As a young girl Amy performed in musical theatre productions and organised her own local concerts for children in need and the Kosovo Crisis. As a sixteen year old she scooped first place out of 100 entries in Music Quest 2002 competition. This led onto further performances with radio airtime and a long line of performances including the annual Summer XS Festival, where Amy played to 25,000 people, on a bill that featured Hear Say, Liberty X, Craig David & Claire Sweeney. 


Amy completed her education in Music before spending 3 years at a Bible College in Swansea after an encounter that changed her life and set her on an extraordinary journey in the Christian faith. Amy formed lifelong friendships with students from other nations, including meeting her would-be husband Josh.  Together they have travelled around the globe to places such as India, Albania, Hungary and the USA getting involved in various missions with YWAM. 

“Amy is a woman on a Journey of faith, who possess the rare ability of communicating the triumphs and tragedies of her experience with God; through the original contemporary songs she both writes and sings. Being equally at home leading Church worship or outreach into real world settings such as pubs, clubs and soup kitchens.” 

Pastor Steve Hobin

Amy Faith Morley - Field of Dreams (From the debut album Morning Star)

Amy Faith Morley - Field of Dreams (From the debut album Morning Star)

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