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Background & Vision
Registered charity Ministry of Music was founded by Mike Maidment in 2010. Mike has over 20 years experience in the Christian music/event scene in a wide range of roles including musician, band management and event management.  This varied experience puts Mike in a great position to work alongside both artists and event organisers.  Mike is supported by an experienced team including Kim Dopson (Bookings Manager), an Artist Review Team and a group of trustees.

Ministry of Music’s vision is to support and bring together UK Christian artists and event organisers in order to resource the Church in its worship and outreach to the community,

equip more Christian events with quality music and use the ministry of music to bring people closer to God.



'From my own personal experience Christian artists often find it difficult to find events to play at and event organisers struggle to find the right artists at prices they can afford. Ministry of Music wants to improve this position by building up a UK-wide network of artists that churches, youth groups and Christian organisations can use with confidence. 
Music can be such a powerful and culturally relevant way to spread the Christian message in today’s society, particularly with young people, so I personally want to see more Christian events take place and aim to help make this happen.'
Mike Maidment (Founder of Ministry of Music).


Please donate if you would like to support the work of Ministry of Music.  Thank You!


“Ministry of Music is a great initiative for promoting and developing talented artists within the Christian music scene. It has a heart to see cutting edge talent promoted and managed well and also to see churches around the UK resourced with quality creative ministry. Mike Maidment’s experience, expertise and heart for the local church has been a blessing to us for years now and I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly."

Pastor Jason Gowland, Senior Minister

Edge Church International, BristolUK

Ministry of Music aims to support churches and christian organisations put on all types of events including outreach events, youth events, school missions, worship services, café church, conferences, festivals and training workshops/seminars. 
We want to see more christian events taking place across the UK and are here to help make this happen.  We offer impartial advice to help you find the right artists that will best meet your expectations, need and budget.


Services offered include:

  • Provide christian singers, bands, worship leaders, DJs and dance crews to perform at events
  • Provide PA, lighting and technicians for events
  • Set up booking agreement and prepare schedule for artists
  • Provide artist publicity material
  • Provide advice and support


If you would like to book a Ministry of Music artist, or require any additional information, please Contact Us so we can help equip your event with quality music. 


'Having worked with Mike first hand I have no hesitation in recommending Ministry of Music. His heart to serve the church and his commitment to excellence in music has always been a deep reflection of his heart. I thoroughly endorse this ministry'. Nancy Goudie, Director of ngm.



Ministry of Music is privileged to partner with Compassion UK who release children from poverty, in Jesus’ name, across the world.   This provides a wonderful opportunity, at some events, to not only use music and testimony to spread the gospel message but to also help young children around the world have a better start in life.  If you would like to sponsor a child please click on the compassion logo.



Ministry of Music is also pleased to be working in partnership with Cross Rhythms to support Christian artists and event organisers reach their communities through music.

Event Feedback

Ministry of Music has supported many organisations find the right Christian artists for their events.  Some of the feedback received follows:


 “Esther was amazing!  Her warm, friendly, manner appealed to our crowd instantly and her voice is stunning.  Her rendition of 'O Holy Night' was just so beautiful and she shared her faith naturally as part of the performance.  She made the evening special.  Thank you for recommending her.” Jacky


“Just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone involved in today’s PHSEE day. It seemed to go well and everyone was so flexible and accommodating with group changes due to absence and last minute alterations all pulling together and making it a real success.  Specifically, thanks go to Chip for being so entertaining and posing for selfies!” Mike


“Bean and his band were great!  We really enjoyed their music and meeting them was a real pleasure.  Two thumbs up!  As a pastor, I really appreciated Bean’s awareness of our spiritual focus.  He was able to adapt his plans to suit what we would be doing.  The congregation and visitors really enjoyed his music. Thanks for your help!” Josh


“It went well, all was good.  Eric was wonderful, I look forward to inviting him to many services in the future.” Marsden


“Meleke is a very talented singer.” Simon


“Everything went well. A good testimony and challenge and then got us up dancing to some of his songs. A number of people wanted to chat with him afterwards as well.” Andy


“Christina was great and she did really well.” Andy


“The band were great. Worship was excellent and the song choice just right. It was a very good day.” Andy


“What he brought to us on Sunday was a perfect match for the people we get at Cafe Church. We had a great time of worship together followed by some of his own songs with the reason for the song and he made time to talk to people before and afterwards. We loved having Jon with us and hope it won't be too long before we can find an excuse to invite him back!” Jacky


“We had a great morning with Bean. He was excellent, I would certainly use him and yourself again. I know it was all at the last moment but he really did fit the bill. Well in time, easy to get on with, great artiste, full of God - wonderful! The church loved him. Thanks so much. Until next time.” Phil


“Thanks for the magic of your music with us at Creation Fest this summer. We had SO MANY good testimonies of the work of God through our bands and are deeply, deeply thankful for you!  We saw over 300 people come to Christ last week at Creation Fest, along with incredible testimonies of healing, restoration, love and truth.” Sarah


“It was a great time yesterday with Jon.  We had challenging issues with our PA, but soldiered through and the power of Holy Spirit was present.” Scott


“Bean's a great guy, we really enjoyed having him.  Great worship leader, great attitude, someone with a heart for the church. Would recommend.” Scott


“I am hoping you can pass my thanks on to Jon Kendall and the band for their moving and heartfelt worship at my wedding. The band was utterly committed and present in their worship. My husband and I really felt the presence of God and several guests commented on how special the ceremony felt. Thanks for arranging them to be at the wedding.” Chloe


“We had the gospel band Echo come and sing again for us as they did last year. Their mix of well-known pop songs from the past, albeit with modified Jesus words seemed to be well received. An invitation for people to come to Christ was made after each time Teen Challenge gave their testimonies.  We counted the commitment packs and thirteen had been taken.  The Gideon's gave out 85 New Testaments.” Graham


“Chip was Excellent, he went down so well, better than I could have expected.  He was brilliant with everyone, all the children as well as the teachers all loved him.  I can’t thank you and Chip enough.” Julie


“All the bands went down well. The vicar absolutely loved the Bean Baker Band. Please thank everyone and we will definitely book again with you next year.” Jo


“Daughters of Davis were outstanding, they really blessed us with their music and personalities, fantastic.  Thank you for all your help, we certainly know where to go if we need artists.” Julia


"Christina was absolutely phenomenal with her performance and extremely talented, May god bless her" Marsden


“We had an amazing weekend! Echo were very well received, and very easy to work with. Thank you.” Cathi


“The event went very well- thanks. Please extend my thanks to Pete and Jon.” Ola


“They were great, everything went without a hitch and people were asking when there would be more events. Everyone enjoyed the concert, it was a good night. Thanks.” Denvyl


“Jelz was brilliant very accommodating and performed amazing.” Mark


“I would happily have Jon back anytime and would recommend him to any Church/ministry.

He's clearly a talented artist, but with it being Sunday morning church (and not an outreach event), he was able to simply serve us in our needs. Excellent attitude great guy.” Scott


“Esther was great, lots of positive feedback. She has a really good voice.” Simon


“The band and the sound engineer were great. It was a shame I was not able to pack out the church, but those who made it really enjoyed the event. Thanks again for your assistance in helping to put the event on.”  Bediako


“Yesterday was great. God really spoke through Pete yesterday and the Holy Spirit was definitely moving in that room!

” Cody


“Pete was excellent - we saved the best till last. He communicated well, sang well & got the people involved, which was excellent.  He was a pleasure to have & I would certainly have him back as we look to change what we do.” Peter

“Bean Baker was fantastic. He was one of the best we've had. Thanks!” Louie


“Last Sunday night went well thanks. We squashed everyone in and Keith and co were enjoyed by all. A good choice there.” Matt


“Please can you pass on my thanks to Jon for an excellent evening. I found out very late that Costa’s were unable to staff our event tonight. Jon was very flexible and did a church version of his set at our evening service. He was really good and connected very well with our congregation and visitors. Thanks!” Simon


“We had a great night last night - great blessing and privilege to host the event.   Pete and Lizzie are two very special people.” Jan


“It was great having Pete come to our home as part of his living room tour, given such intimate surroundings he could have held back, but didn’t and put his heart and soul into his performance.” James


“Absolutely brilliant!  They were both the most popular sessions of the day by far! Even some of our more challenging students were totally enthralled especially with the Daughters of Davis! They were full of questions about their lives and music and every student had to walk past their famous van on the way out (there were five of us guarding it against scratches!) so they all went away thinking of them. Jon was amazing too, with the smaller more personal sessions he really managed to get the messages of positivity across with his personality and songs.” Michael


“Chip & Jacob engaged very well with the young people and there was a good mix of music, games, testimony and gospel message throughout. We were delighted with the concert and pray that it was a significant time for many in their walk with God!” Garry


 “We had a wonderful time with Chip and a few kids gave their lives to Jesus too which was amazing!” John.


“Jon was excellent on Sunday night. He is such a great person. He presented himself well, sang well & held people's attention.” Peter


“Bean and his band gave an excellent performance” Bayo


“Thank ECHO for being part of the 70's themed MoTown Concert and helping it to be the success that it was. Truly we danced, sang and grooved our way into the night, men, women and children alike. We have had great feedback from those that attended.” Sharlette


“Release went down INCREDIBLY well…They were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING TO WORK WITH… We threw loads at them, and they just went with it, RE lessons, dance lessons, promo performances, assemblies… They were BRILLL… HUGE thanks for your support with all of this.” Adrian


“Saturday night went really well and Chip was very well received.” Richard.


“Libby has a great voice & sings and plays very well. I was so impressed that she went around the room and spent time speak to people both before and during her performance, that meant a lot to people.” Peter


“Bean was Brilliant!!” Andi


“Pete was amazing, the people loved him. He led worship with such a pure heart and the people were worshipping God in such a tremendous way. He was brilliant!  Mariette too was awesome, they both blessed us greatly. Thank you!” Abraham


“Jelz was amazing and such a sincere guy. We would love to have him back as he made a massive impact on our youth.” Jonathan


“Bean stormed it, the church were blessed by him and his gifting. He is so spirit led. I have had so much feedback of "why can't we have worship like that each week".” Martin 


“Echo were great, they had adapted some classic pop songs, keeping the tunes and putting Jesus words to them. Echo sang three times in all and re-enforced the evangelistic thrust of the Festival, lifting up the name and person of Jesus. At least 80 people responded positively to the gospel.” Graham


“Bean was Great!” Grayham


“We had a lovely evening.  The weather was beautiful and Jon and co provided another great evening of relaxed and entertaining music.” Mary


“The Identity were fantastic, we were really impressed.  The evening went really well and we had a good turnout.” Sharon

“Rachel Yvonne was good. We enjoyed her music and her passion.” Matt


“Our event went really well and Jelz was great.  We enjoyed having him, and he shared his testimony and performed so well.  If we needed another performer for an event, we would certainly hope we could have Jelz.”  Amanda


“The night went really well. Thanks so much for all your efforts in organising the band to come up :-) Super band and a super event!” Lizzy


“Daughters of Davis were great for us. Thank you for your help.” Jerry


“Hiddenman was great.  Thanks for your help in organising this.” Jo


“Amie was really good, as she always is. She is such a delight to have.” Peter


“Both bands were really good - we'd book both again. We really appreciate your help sorting them out so late in the day. I'll be in touch next year when we start organising the event.” Jo


“Sunday night went really well. Bean was excellent, he engaged with the audience well and his choice of music with a mixture of covers and his own music was spot on what we look for. He was enjoyed by all present.” Matt


“Pete was really good and went down well” Simon


“Jon Kendall and his band were fantastic. We got lots of positive feedback from everyone. Thank you for having such great talent on your website.   No doubt, I will be back to book some other acts as part of our Events programme and that will include Jon for a repeat performance.  Thank you for all your help.” Christine


“Just a quick email to say thanks for arranging the booking of ECHO. It was a great evening. ECHO were absolutely fantastic.” Justin


“Scott Nicol was brilliant last night. One thing that I liked about him was the way that he just went and chatted to everyone, before, during and after the event. He made people feel relaxed. He communicated well and had the balance just right in his song choices and his testimony. We loved him. Nothing was too much trouble.” Peter


“Jon was excellent thank you” Kim


“It went really well. Keith was great!”  Simon


“Today was a great success – Release and Jelz were a huge hit with the students. We are looking to book them both for next year.  Thank you so much for your help with this event.”  Susie


“ECHO did a really good job, so we may well look to book them again in the future.” Phil


“ECHO were fantastic last night.” Justin


“Just wanted to let you know that we had a great evening last Sunday with Esther and Matt. Esther is a very talented singer with a fantastic voice.  Thanks again for arranging the booking!” Justin


“We had a good evening with Jon. He's an excellent and inspiring singer.” Justin


“Rachel was great. Lovely lady great voice!” Duncan


“We were so blessed by Eric. So many were touched too.” Jaime and Gary


“ECHO were fantastic.” Godfrey


“It was a fantastic night and Roo was brilliant, we will definitely look to do the same again sometime in the future.  Thanks v much for your help in sorting this.”  Gareth 

 “Christine was very good - wonderful person and a great voice!” Justin

“Our evening with Bean Baker was a great success! Thanks so much for your help.” Matt


“Rachel was great. Lovely lady great voice!” Duncan


 “Jon and his wife were absolutely brilliant. Good music, clear communication about faith – a great night!”  Sarah


 “The worship seminar went very well and all found it beneficial.  At some time we would like Bean to come and actually lead our worship.”  Doug


“Chip was great. We had a really good evening with him. It was great to see some of our young people coming out of their shells a bit and trying something new.”  Jason


“The event went very well and Marriete blew us all away. It was awesome! We were really blessed!”



We had a lovely evening with Bean Baker. The music was great, really high quality, and everyone there seemed to enjoy everything.”  Simon


“It was fantastic! Our young people really enjoyed Jacob’s performances, testimonies, fellowship and time with them.  He was very inspirational for them and gave lots of food for thought. He really got involved and seemed to enjoy himself too.  I am very pleased we booked him and thank you for your help and guidance.  I'm sure we will book him again in the near future” Susie


“Bean Baker and the band were excellent. Really pleased with them and would like to book them for next year.”  Norman


“We had a great SNL with Bean last week! He was great at engaging the audience and we’ve had some great feedback, with many saying that this was their favourite night so far!”  Adam


“ECHO were really great. We would definitely use them again. Thanks again for your assistance.” Andrew


“Jon Kendall and Andy were great and what Jon shared was brilliant as well.  We’re still in the early days of Live Lounge so it was good to have someone of Jon’s experience at the event.” Dave


“The quality of the artiste was excellent. Christine's voice was amazing and the feedback from the audience was very positive. Christine was entertaining, pleasant and interacted well with our audience which was made of people of all ages. We really enjoyed having Christine at our event. I found the booking system and communication easy to use and my emails were responded to quickly and with the information that I required.”  Matt 


“Thanks again the Bean Baker Band were amazing and everyone loved them so much especially my friends daughter who wants them at her party!” Lisa


“It was a tremendous evening, it was our lowest turnout this year but it was so much more intimate and everyone including Jon Kendall and Andy had a really great time. Thank you once again for all your help. It was one of the best if not the best evening.”  John.


“Saturday went extremely well. Since the event I've had nothing but great feedback about Hiddenman. I'd like to thank you for your last minute help and will defo use Hiddenman again.” Jack Newman-Miller


“Jelz was absolutely fantastic. The students loved it. Thank you so much and I am so glad that after all this deliberation it did eventually happen. Thank you once again for all you do.” Beth


“It went really well, and Chip was brilliant. Very grateful for the way he is able to ‘go low’ in reaching people with the Good News – and thrilled that we were able to have him in Hull!” Tessa


“Bean was excellent!” Eliz, Brightlights Festival.


“We wanted a young singer songwriter who would inspire young people, sound contemporary and capture the relaxed, joyous occasion of our street party. Jacob Lloyd delivered on all three counts. He's got the air of Ed Sheeran, sweet vocals, armed only with a guitar. His songs were catchy, with an upbeat tempo and laced with teenage angst. We'd like to see more of him!” Jo


“Bean was brilliant and went down really well. Will be recommending him to other Sunday Night Live’s.”  Sarah


“Thanks to Ministry of Music. We thank God for Nikki's performance and we believe good seeds have been sown in the lives of many that listened to her. We thank God that the Easter outreach was a huge success and we hope to continue partnering with your ministry for future events.” Olalekan


“Had a great time with Christine, she is a great person. She was brilliant and went down very well.  Thank you for all your help.” John


“Bean was great again on Sunday, thanks!”


“Bean was fantastic........the best I've ever experienced. Everyone wants him back as soon as possible.......none more so than myself. He was excellent.” Godfrey


“Hi Mike is was great.  Wasn’t massively busy only about 40 folk about 25 youngsters out of which 10 responded for salvation 2 of which had recently attempted suicide, 1 was a self-professed satanist and some had harming issues eating disorders etc. so from that point of view the night was amazing.”


“Jelz went down brilliantly on Saturday evening. He was punctual, polite, friendly, approachable, easy to chat to and his performance was enjoyed by everyone. I'm sure we'll be inviting him back to future events and will certainly recommend him to other groups and organisers.” Alison


“Eric was excellent.....absolutely fantastic! And very discerning too.” Godfrey


“Esther went down really well. She has an excellent voice and she ran through a good mix of songs which the young people who came seemed to really enjoy. The whole event seemed to go well.”  Dave


“Everyone who was there loved Bean and can't wait for him to come back in two weeks.” Joel


“Dave was great. He sent us the songs that he will be singing for the event weeks before the event. This enabled our choir to rehearse the songs. Dave arrived early on the event day and had ample time to rehearse with our choir. The choir and myself enjoyed working with him.  His ministration was brilliant. We were all truly blessed by it. Many of our visitors also commended his ministration. Thank you for recommending Dave and working within our limited budget to give us a guest Artiste that met our requirements.”  John 


“Both Jelz and Mel were fantastic!!!! It was a pleasure to have them down with us!!! I would definitely look into booking them for future events, the young people really enjoyed having them both down, and having them both share their testimonies was really good!!!  Thank you for all the work you have been doing with us, I really appreciate it and I hope to work with you all again in the near future!!!! Keion


“The Bean Baker Band were fantastic: very professional gig, talented singer and musicians.  The band talked about themselves and testimony which brought the event from just music to a God event. The second half was planned but was taken over by worship :-) it was obvious God was there. Thank you again for your efforts, Mike, to help me find someone for our concert, and to Bean and the band.  You were in the mission field at Bourton on the Water, and you made a difference.” Sally


“Just wanted to say, can you pass on our thanks to Christine, really was a good night and people seemed to engage so that was brilliant.” Joel


“Christine was simply amazing! We have received really positive feedback, from those who attended. She has a fantastic voice, and her testimony was an encouragement to those who were there! We would certainly look to host Christine again!” Dave


“Friday night was great. The artists were fantastic and very professional. Thank you.”  Mark


“Empire Nation was excellent. Thank you.” Daniel


“We thought the week had a very positive effect and we managed to make contact with about 1700 young people in the schools that week and 250 at the concert. The whole event was a great success and we would like to thank you sincerely for your part in the week.” Sandy


“We saw loads of young people respond to Jesus which was amazing! I personally led 4 people to Jesus, and they got filled with Holy Spirit! God was truly moving, there was over 40 people respond to Dave's talk!” Rachel


“Kilmarnock schools week was great, the young people loved it.  Chip got people to respond during the gig, then we prayed for people after, which was awesome.” Rachel


“Everything went well, without a hitch. It was really fantastic. Chip K, Ben and Release had the young people really buzzing. The concert was very successful. We had 250 attended and again very positive. Royal Foundlings went down well as did the others. A few young people went to find out more at the end.” Sandy


“It was a great evening and 5 people became Christians.” Nadine


“It was a great event. The bride messaged me to say 8 people had asked how they can become Christians after the service.” Mark

"Roo went down very well, a good time had by all. Result!!" Steve

"It was a great week and Bean was amazing."  Katie

"The outreach events were wonderful. Thank you very much." Tony

“Jelz and Hiddenman went down a storm. We loved them and they were very professional. I would look to booking them again in the near future.” Mark – Jelz Music Tour 2013


“Esther was magnificent and I got a lot of great feedback about her performance.” Eric


“Our Revelation event went really well yesterday.  Feedback from those that were there was really positive and I thought Bean connected with the atmosphere and young people really well.” Dave


“Chip and Ben (Galactus Jack) did a great job putting everything into every class. School want them back at some stage.” Kizzy


“Everything went down really well, the young people that were there really enjoyed the event and Chip was nothing but a true gent with a real servant heart, a pleasure to work with.” Gavin


“The Release Dance Team was very good.  It was a great night.” Pastor Sam


“Chip did an amazing job and the kids and adults had such a great time.  We were very pleased.” Ruth


“It went really well on Saturday and the Bean Baker Band were excellent. Bean's interaction with the youth was great. Thanks again for sorting the band at short notice for me.”  Dave


“Vivienne was great and more than one person has said it had been the best Sunday Night Live yet in terms of what they had got out of it and how they had felt ministered to.” Duncan


“We have had a fantastic 3 days. Chip and Ben (Galactus Jack) spoke frankly and with great conviction, they made Gods message fun and cool. The Youth Group went from saying "don't show us up", to "I wanna give my testimony” in 3 days!!! We had 9 young people give their lives to follow Jesus at last night’s concert and we are following them up tonight. Thanks for all your help with the band and the PA people.” Wendy


“Friday went great. Ben (Galactus Jack) did a fantastic job with his talk. We have a lot of unchurched, often difficult kids and they were glued to his every word, which is an achievement. His music was brilliant. All in all we were very pleased!” Joseph


“It was a brilliant night and although not packed, Brought Into Being managed to engage with every single person. And that's not an exaggeration at all, every single person went completely nuts for them.” John.


“Every single aspect of the festival went excellently! Tall Trees Rising did a great performance and really entered into the spirit of the festival. LOVED Jelz! Great bloke and great performer, loved his story told through music. He was a highlight for me. Empire Nation finished off the event in style!  Look forward to working with you with future KingsStocks.”  James


“Despite the wet weather the Carnival was very successful.  There was a very good turn out and the Performance Marquee was busy all afternoon. Graham (Fields of Ypres) went down well. Many thanks for your help again this year and I look forward to working with you again.” Paul


“Chip was such a blessing to us on the Saturday evening and opening with two tracks definitely got everyone’s attention and kept the stewards talking for the rest of the event!  Thank you for your contribution to Firm Foundations; it’s been a pleasure to work with you!” Nikki


“In terms of music, testimony and schools ministry, Torque was excellent. We could not fault the ministry of Release. They were absolutely brilliant in the schools and all the youth workers and teachers remarked on the quality of their ministry. They went down really well at Torque. Philippa was great at Torque. She was really down to earth, humble and clear in what she believed. Her music and band were great. The right choice for our festival. Thanks for all your help in making the event a success.” Adi


“Thank you so much for allowing Release to join us in our schools outreach work. They went down a storm! The kids loved them.” Brian


“I was very impressed with Release and how they performed within the school.  They went down really well!  I have had very positive feedback from pupils, staff and parents. So thank you.”  Carol


“One Word, Brilliant! We have had some great nights at SNL Oadby but this was the best yet. I believe The Bean Baker Band have a bright future in music and trust God will bless their friendship as they journey together as a band.” Fran


“Bean Baker and Jelz were great, thank you so much. The event went really well even though we had some rain.” Cerys


“Esther & Bean are a very talented duo and great people too!” Duncan


“I think to say that the evening went well would be a massive understatement.  The children absolutely loved the Bean Baker Band to the extent that there was a queue for autographs and photos with them afterwards.  Their music was incredibly good, both Christian and contemporary and they can really play well.  The set up including lighting and audio systems made the church very atmospheric.  The lyrics of the songs were very well written and really did, coupled with excellent vocals, convey the Christian message literally loud and clear.  So all in all it was a raging success. Thanks for your assistance.” Sharon


“All of your acts (Brought Into Being, Chip Kendall) were absolutely superb and great to have around. Please pass on my thanks!” Andi


“Just some quick feedback from last night’s Sunday Night Live. Graham (Fields of Ypres) was top notch, great musically and well placed testimony, was one of our best SNL'.” Duncan


"Working with Ministry of Music has been such a refreshing experience, their help support and care for our event was all and more than could be expected. No pressure, no "sales" pitch just the attitude of "wanting to help", wanting to get our needs met. When I am looking to do my next event it will be these guys I speak to!"  Matt

"Thank you for two excellent gigs this year - it is a pleasure to work with you." Tim


"Mariette went down well and some folk were touched by her ministry. She has a wonderfull voice and her band were brilliant!" Duncan
"Thank you for an amazing amazing gig last night... the  Bean Baker band were great. Thank you!" Ruth
"SOS were brilliant. They were an excellent choice.  Thank you for recommending them. Hopefully we will be in touch soon to book again. Thanks." Sam
"We hope to do another youth weekend & I will definitely be in touch as we have been really pleased with the bands/PA you have provided. Thanks yet again for all your help." Emma
"HopeGene were great. The support from them kept me smiling. Thanks also too for your support ." Sara
"Saturday went really well. Royal Foundlings were fantastic/perfect for the day. Many thanks." Bruce
"Brought Into Being were fantastic, were very professional and put on a good show whilst planting seeds of faith. Would not hesitate in booking them again for an event, couldn't have asked more from them. Equipment used was top notch and created a brilliant event. Ministry of Music provided a great service and made it very easy to book. The cost was very reasonable and worth the money. Thank you for your service."  Tom
"Thank you so much for suggesting Vivienne, she was just perfect for this event.  She definitely gets a 'highly recommended' from us!" Jacky
"Sunday was brilliant and the band did really well. We were really pleased with what they did and would certainly recommend them." Andrew
"I was very pleased with how Saturday went. The majority of visitors to the marquee were not Christians and were amazed that artists of such calibre had been put on by the local churches. They were very professional and gave 100%. Thank you for your help in finding and recommending each of the artists. I will definitely be recommending Ministry of Music." Paul
"The weekend was amazing and everything went to plan!  Thank you for your support in the run up to the event." Lee
"We had a great night again the team did a fantastic job. Thanks again for organising for us." Sue
"The Escape were great, a lot of talent they went down well." Fran
"All three acts which you provided were a real blessing.  Musically, all were well prepared, and offered something quality in both their presentation and their content.  They had a great heart to serve, and were well received." Dylan
"HopeGene gave a great performance at our training weekend. They were very relational in the way they interacted with the young women after their performance." Nikki
"A brilliant night was had by all that attended. Empire Nation were on great form and rocked our Church! Ministry of Music were great to work with from start to finish, thanks for all your work." Simon - Spring Tour 2011
"Friday night was fab, the bands were awesome and everyone who came had an amazing time. One of the leaders from another church said it was the best youth music event in this area hes been to. Thanks for coordinating everything to make the event a massive success." Phil - Spring Tour 2011 (Brought Into Being & Empire Nation)
"Just wanted to write and say a HUGE thank you to Ministry of Music for the fantastic evening for our youth. The bands oozed quality and it was wonderful to see them engaging with the kids. Praying God continues to bless this invaluable ministry - keep up the good work!!!"  Tim - Spring Tour 2011 (Brought Into Being & Empire Nation)
"That was the best Sunday Night Live yet!...Esther and Bean are not only super talented but you can sense God's hand on them even when singing covers, they brought a lovely relaxed peace into the place and a sense of fun. I was tired when I got there and went home full of energy and Joy." Fran
"The event went really well on Saturday and both the bands were excellent." Dave - Spring Tour 2011 (Brought Into Being & Empire Nation)
"The Escape gig in Skye last weekend was brilliant. One of the best christian bands I have heard and had the pleasure to work with." Gary


"We've had some great feedback from the Stroud gig. Thanks once again." Phil - Spring Tour 2011 (Brought Into Being & Empire Nation)


"Ngm band were great! best band of the night and everybody loved them.  Thanks for your help with the band - a valuable asset to any organiser!"John


"Thank you for your help with setting up the event.  The event was fantastic. I look forward to working with you again in the future." Paul


"Both bands went down really well last night. Everyone enjoyed it and the Christian message was well received. We hope to repeat the event next year. Thanks again for organising."  Nigel


"It was great of you to help me out with the lights, I really appreciate it.  Thanks too for your encouragement.  I am sure we will be in touch soon about bands for our future gigs." Dave


"Brought into Being know how to bring the audience into the very heart of the gig with their high impact and energy the audianece is soon singing and dancing along.  Professinal and extremely talented, this band are real trailblazers." Stuart

"THANK YOU for organinsing the guys for us they were brilliant, we were so impressed by their willingness to serve and I know a lot of young people were encouraged by their talent and christian walk." Sue

"The gig was amazing and the worship at the service was fab too, thanks so much for all your help and support!" Emma
"Many thanks for arranging for the band to come to Pembrokeshire, we had a great evening and I know that the band really encouraged and made a difference to the lives of the young people that were there." Sue
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