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"For years the Celtic voices of the UK have been Moya Brennan & Joanna Hogg, now Vivienne’s performance here ranks alongside both of them." Geoff Howlett - BBC Radio Humberside


"Vivienne is a gifted live performer and loves to connect with, and communicate to her audience." Keith Dixon, Plankton Records


“Vivienne was great and more than one person has said it had been the best Sunday Night Live yet in terms of what they had got out of it and how they had felt ministered to.” Duncan - SNL organiser

Vivienne Neville

Little did Vivienne Neville know that the rough EP she recorded with a friend would make it all the way to the states, a country that even pop stars like Robbie Williams and The Sugababes have failed to break.


This time she's back with full album, Veiled in Mystery. With an ethereal cathedral echo the album creates a meditative atmosphere - perfect for a mood of contemplation. While simplified lyrics preach spiritual enlightenment and give texture to emotions of true love and heartbreak. Vivienne's fragile vocals weave a spell through the songs, creating a dream like state. In Celtic Saints Prayer Vivienne gives the impression of deep mysteries being explored, whilst the celtic feel gives it an over-worldly sound.


In the vein of Moya Brennan, Vivienne creates images of dark natural beauty, rushing seas and quivering forests, where God looks at you from behind every rock and leaf. Veiled in Mystery is a truly calming and spiritual listen, fantastic to unwind with after a hard day.


If you would like to book Vivienne for your event, or require any additional information, please Contact Us so we can help equip your christian event with quality music.


Tracks taken from album 'Veiled in Mystery'