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'the Hiddenman has been a regular at the New Wine conference LSE previously leading our urban venue the VIBE and performing at our gig nights. Hiddenman brings a heart for seeing young people challenged and changed. His passion for Jesus will come across as he raps, performs and speaks'....Steve Morris - New Wine Youth.


"Coming out of London, Hiddenman unleashes a distinctive 13 track debut album. The MC has a great talent to mix an accessible, yet humorous underground flow while keeping the spiritual messages coming hard and true. A particular standout is the soul-filled "Use Me" as Hiddenman commits to be used and to do God's will. The favourite cut of mine is "Hiddenman Song" in which Hiddenman expresses his heart for integrity, truth and God, "Cos when I'm spitting yo, it's gotta have a purpose/If ya just wanna be entertained then just go to the circus". This impressive set ends with a tasty acoustic version of "Use Me." .....extract from 8 out of 10 Cross Rhythms Review of ‘Hiddenman


is determined to take his music to the streets and reach people with relevant messages to see their lives impacted in a positive way.


His clever blend of comedy and ability to get the crowd moving has created a new type of rap, yet he’s not willing to compromise his values and beliefs in his music. He is a rap artist with a Vision that refuses to conform to the normal negative stereotypes associated with rap music who has taken it upon himself to be an inspiration to as many as his music can reach. 


He chose his stage name on the premise of 1Peter 3:3-5, paraphrasing ‘One ought to be known for the qualities that comes from within… the Hidden Man of the heart’.” I want to be remembered for my character, for being a man of principle and a positive black role model to young people, both on and off the stage”. Michael’s music is distinctive and he prides himself in this.


Since releasing his self-entitled album Hiddenman in 2010, he has performed at Soul Survivor, New Wine and Lark in the Park festivals. As well as performing, Michael also delivers various workshops, events and motivational talks, challenging young people about what they allow to influence them and encouraging them to make better choices. He believes that his hard-hitting lyrics will cause people to search their souls and break negative mindsets. 


As a teacher/rapper and director of a youth organisation, Michael has been able to influence young people in Schools, helping them discover and develop their gifts and talents, as well as build up their confidence and self-esteem.  He travels extensively up and down the country making regular visits to prisons, churches, youth groups and schools. In 2011 he won the Unsung Heroes award, given by the South London Press for the positive work he does in the community.


Hiddenman can perform live or speak at all types of events.  He can also be booked for schools work.


If you would like to book Hiddenman for your event, or require any additional information, please Contact Us so we can help equip your christian event with quality music.



'Music Wid a Mission'

Featuring Husky, Navigator, Chuka Royalty, Reign of Fire & 1 Elevate


Hiddenman Remix

performed on Gig Night at Shepton Mallet