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“We have had a fantastic 3 days. Chip and Ben (Galactus Jack) spoke frankly and with great conviction, they made Gods message fun and cool. The Youth Group went from saying "don't show us up", to "I wanna give my testimony” in 3 days!!! We had 9 young people give their lives to follow Jesus at last night’s concert.”  Wendy - schools week organiser


"There are a staggering seven different producers involved in 'Holy Freaks' but it still mysteriously contains a certain musical coherence as Chip merges rock and hip-hop, electro and dubstep and good old fashioned songwriting craft. The theme that runs through many of the songs here, that we are a chosen generation and that as holy freaks we should shine in the darkness, comes through loud and clear. In an age where whole sections of youth culture are lost in cynicism or materialism and where, even in the Church, there are many young believers uncomfortable in presenting the radical message of the Cross to a dying world, Chip speaks, raps and sings with an authority that few other figures in CCM seem able to muster.".... extract from 10 out of 10 Cross Rhythms Review of ‘Holy Freaks’





Chip Kendall

is a singer/songwriter/communicator who’s passionate about modelling something great for this generation. His unique and infectious live performances feature songs from ‘k is for Kendall’, 'Holy Freaks' and his latest album ' All In'


Since his previous band (thebandwithnoname) finished, the Chip Kendall band has notched up some incredible gigs, including The Big Church Day Out, Lumen Festival in Slovakia and Sea Side Festival in Norway.  With three releases to date – ‘K is for Kendall’ EP (2011), ‘Holy Freaks’ album (2013), and most recently ‘ALL IN.’ album (2015) – Chip still feels as though he’s just getting started. Stylistically, Chip’s music brings together dance, rock and rap with strong melodic hooks.  His high-energy performance appeals to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.


Having written and compiled 13 different books for young people, including the Youth Bible Study Guides, Chip’s aim is to leave people with more than just a great concert experience.  He regularly takes his music and message into high schools alongside specialist guests who are experts in their fields of science, sport, justice and faith.  Chip hosts his own weekly radio show on Cross Rhythms and serves as the Creative Arts Worship Pastor at !Audacious Church in Manchester.


With his latest album 'ALL IN' Chip challenges listeners to rise up and take bigger risks in their world, sharing the Gospel of love. Chip is also keen to make his music as accessible as possible so he recently launched the ‘ALL IN Youth Group Tour’, presenting tailor made nights of music, interactive games and stories for churches and youth groups up and down the UK.


Chip can perform live with his band, solo or as a speaker at all types of events.  He can also be booked for schools work ranging from a day to a week.


If you would like to book Chip for your event, or require any additional information, please Contact Us so we can help equip your christian event with quality music.



Tracks taken from 'All In' and 'Holy Freaks'


Chip Kendall Promo


Set It Off - Chip Kendall live at The Gathering